Best advertising, Dreams

TV ad for Turkish Airlines, Dreams

Best advertising: For these kids, dreams do come true!

Turkish Airlines is known to the advertising world mostly for its goofy, fun-loving, insanely popular ads with Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi. But the brand showed its versatility in 2014 with this gorgeous spot from Lowe Istanbul – almost the polar opposite of those celebrity ads.

Best ad, Dreams

This advertisement is about 4 children (not actors) from a small village that no airline has ever flown to. However, these small villagers have a big dream: to discover the world. There is only one way to do it… Watch the rest to see what happens.

The ad has been a huge success in Turkey and was on the covers of every single newspaper, prime-time news and trended on Twitter for three days.

Aside from the millions who have shared this advertisement, lots of celebrities, critics and even the politicians have celebrated Lowe Istanbul for this amazing piece of work. It is now shown as one of the top 10 commercials in Turkish advertising history.

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