Canada has become the top choice for students to study abroad, survey suggests  

Canada has become the top choice for students to study abroad, survey suggests   Education Beyond Borders Podcast

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Study abroad – one in four surveyed students would choose Canada.

28-MAR-2022 | Latest analysis by global education company IDP Education has found that Canada is the top destination of choice for one in four students. The US is placed second spot, with 20% of students indicating it is their preferred destination, and the UK and Australia are in joint third place. Overall the study surveyed more than 10,000 students worldwide.

High quality of education, good employment opportunities after graduation and support for international students were stated as the top three main drivers for choosing specific study destinations.

Canada has become the top choice for students to study abroad
Top reasons for opting to study overseas more generally were given as career development, education quality and knowledge by the surveyed students.

Researchers also asked what students hoped to do after graduating from higher education, with the majority indicating they would like to work in their chosen study destination. Seeking permanent residency was also a top priority for international students. 19% of all respondents said they would seek permanent residency in their study destination, while among those choosing Canada this number rose to 30%.

The latest study makes “sobering reading” for Australian providers. Students who had not selected Australia as their top destination were also asked if Australia’s late 2021 announcement increasing the length of stay for master’s graduates from two to three years would convince them to rethink their decision. Some 78% responded that they were NOT more inclined to consider Australia as their study abroad destination.

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