ACS International School Cobham: Where diversity meets excellence in education

Campus of ACS International School in Cobham, PRODIREKT Academic Advisors

Attention all PRODIREKT and Verbalists Education students! Are you looking for an exceptional education in a truly international environment? We have some exciting news for you! ACS International School (Cobham) in the UK is offering a fantastic scholarship opportunity exclusively for our students for the 2023-2024 high school year.

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The Celebration of Easter in Italy

Witnessing Easter in Italy through the heart and soul of Italians is a deeply moving experience that reminds us all of the grace we have while living la dolce vita. But can your life get even “sweeter”? Verbalists believe it can, and they even have a recipe for you!

Festivities across Italy typically begin on Good Friday with church service attendance and continue through Easter Monday, or Pasquetta. A popular Italian proverb dictates, “Natale con I tuoi, e Pasqua con chi vuoi,” or, “Spend Christmas with your family, and Easter with whomever you like.” While many continue to spend Easter with their family, more and more extend the celebrations to friends.

The most celebrated holiday in Italy, after Christmas, of course, is Pasqua, the Italian word for “Easter”. The etymological roots of this word are found in the Greek Pascka and Hebrew Pasach, which mean “Passover.”  Each region, commune and village in Italy has its own traditions to commemorate the death and resurrection of the Christ. 

In the Eternal City of Rome, just outside the Colosseum, many watch and participate as the Pope leads a procession through the 14 stages of the Passion on Good Friday, reading meditations along the way.

Imagine narrow, cobble-stoned streets filled with locals donned in period costumes, carrying life-sized replicas of the Madonna and the Christ.  See the tears, hear the shouts and sway to voices raised in song as you walk the reconstructed via Crucis.  Enter a home and inhale the smells of minestra maritata, roasted lamb and artichokes and eye the seductive dove-shaped Colomba di Pasqua.  Sit. Eat.  You are among friends and family.  Welcome to Easter in Italy.  This is Pasqua!

Witnessing Pasqua in Italy through the heart and soul of Italians is a deeply moving experience that reminds us all of the grace we have while living la dolce vita. But can your life get even “sweeter”? The Verbalists Language Network thinks it can if we add to it some language travel excitement. That language network has prepared for you a set of unique, high quality Italian language courses in Rome that will give you the opportunity to learn and improve Italian in a creative and stimulating way, while immersing in the Italian art and culture. 

Visit the language education portal and experience a different, sweeter way of learning languages. Happy Easter!

German for kids, Berlin Young and Fun summer camp

German for kids, Berlin Young and Fun summer camp

You´ll learn German staying next to a great lake in Berlin… and more than that – you´ll also meet German children your age!

* This program will not be delivered in 2023.

German for Kids: Enroll in a leading summer camp in Germany with Verbalists and we will make sure that your child experience a truly captivating and stress-free language travel adventure at the campus located in a beautiful and very green suburb of Berlin.


Who wants to work in Germany – Serbian workers at the top of the list

Jobseekers at the CeBIT technology fair in HanoverGermany is the number one non-English speaking destination for migrant workers, according to a global study. But which nationalities are keenest on Germany and where do Germans want work?

Germany ranked as the fourth most popular place to work abroad globally, after the US, UK and Canada respectively. One third of the 200,000 respondents surveyed said they’d like to move to the country.

Berlin ranked as the sixth most popular city worldwide to work in, according to the study from jobsite StepStone and The Boston Consulting Group. London was in top spot, followed by New York and Paris.

South-east Europeans showed the greatest interest in moving to Germany, particularly workers from Bosnia and Serbia.

Sixty-four percent of workers in Serbia wanted to move to Germany. In the Netherlands, that figure was 51 percent, while half of Finns wanted to make the move.

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The Verbalists language network offers tailored German courses for diverse expectations and interests – general courses, German courses for beginners, certificate preparation, German and Music or Wintersports, Business German, German teachers’ course or attractively priced long-term courses.

You can attend German courses for adults in Berlin with our long-term partner and the best language school in Germany – GLS (German Language School), or you can click here and improve your German language skills in Austria, with ActiLingua, the school located in beautiful Vienna. Classes in both schools run all year round. If you are younger than 18, we suggest you visit one of our summer camp programs in Berlin; please contact us for more information.

Nike’s Tennis and English Language Camps with Verbalists

Tennis camp Nike and language network Verbalisti

Who knows sports dynamics better than one of the world’s best recognized sports brands? Who understands language learning needs better than one of the most popular language networks in Europe? Verbalists Language Network is proud to represent for yet another successful year the NIKE tennis summer camps for young learners between 10 and 17 years of age.

Nike’s Tennis and English Language Camps go beyond delivering outstanding tennis coaching and an accelerated model of English learning. They also provide a unique opportunity to develop lifelong friendships and create lasting memories 🙂

Players will benefit from the highly experienced coaching staff. Our coaches use demonstration, practice and feedback – including video analysis – to improve existing shots and techniques and to develop new ones.


Gill LemoreGill Lemore obtained the USPTA (U.S. Professional Tennis Association) certificate, as well as the PTR (Professional Tennis Registry) France qualification. In addition he is a Level 4 performance coach. Gill has worked with players of all ages and abilities around Europe and the U.S. for many years.Nicola Slater

Nicola Slater is a professional Doubles player, who still plays. She has the PTR professional qualification, is an experienced elite coach, and has been working as a tennis director at leading colleges in the U.S.

Play tennis the professional way through one of our three programs. Each program includes 24-hour pastoral care from staff, creating a very safe environment.

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Learn English in Boston

Learn English and study for the TOEFL in Boston at one of the best language schools in the United States, Kings Colleges.

Study English in Boston – a truly American city in the heart of the Northeast. Full of some of the nation’s richest history and finest universities, Boston offers students the best combinations – young and distinguished, contemporary and traditional, sophisticated and casual.