The Rain Room, Where It Rains Everywhere but Where You Are Standing (VIDEO)

Kisna soba u Londonu

This is a video of a Rain Room, where it rains everywhere in the room but where you’re standing. Even if you move, the lack of rain follows you. One of the creators says that a lot of people try to get wet, try to outsmart the system, but they can’t.

The Rain Room is a hundred square meter field of falling water through which it is possible to walk, without getting wet. Upon entering The Curve, the sound of water and a sensation of moisture fill the air, even before seeing the installation.

Rain Room is a very complex installation. It consists of injection moulded tiles, solenoid valves, pressure regulators, 3D tracking cameras, wooden frames, steel beams, a hydraulic management system, and a grated floor. The system is controlled by custom software.

Gospodar Jevremova 9a, Belgrade, Serbia

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