The FunTASTIC guide to British-isms and how to understand Londoners

Reading in between the lines of what Londoners are saying is for tourists and verbalists studying in London just as important as understanding the words themselves. To better prepare you for your first visit to London, we are sharing with you the complete and amazing guide to ‘British-isms’ 🙂

British-isms and how to understand Londoners - enroll in the My LONDON language travel program

The most important tip for first-time London visitors is queuing. British people would love to stand in a queuing and wait for their turn. So, next summer, while you explore London you should follow the rule of queuing strictly.

The second important tip is punctuality. British people strictly follow the rule of punctuality. If you are going to meet British people in London then you should be very punctual.

Another important tip for verbalists in London is the reserved greetings. In London, men and women greet people with a simple handshake. Don’t expect that people welcome you with a kiss.

We also need to keep in mind that British people always use please, thank you and sorry in their conversation. In other words, these words are very common in English language and can never be overused.

My LONDON Program for better understanding of British-isms and Londoners

Some argue there’s no place like London. Some say it’s the greatest city on Earth. However, there are simply too many things to do and see in London to approach it without a proper guide. That’s why we created the My LONDON program with our long term partner and one of the best language schools in the UK, St. Giles.

A Verbalists’ guide has been taking the language network’s students on unforgettable journeys through London for seven years now, making sure they make the most out of their language trip. The next summer language travel groups are being formed, so don’t hang about – enroll here and reserve your place on time. London’s calling!

The amazing guide to
The FunTASTIC guide to British-isms and how to understand Londoners (click on image to enlarge it)
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