Malta is calling and gives €10 per day vouchers to our English language students

Malta to give €10 per day vouchers to ELT students
The Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) has unveiled a scheme to give English language students a €10 voucher per day to spend, part of a strategy to support the recovery of the English language teaching sector (ELT) in the country.

Malta Tourism Authority has allocated a budget of €1 million for the scheme, which it said was designed to “incentivize English language students applying for courses in licensed English language schools”.

Verbalists’ students staying for a minimum of 15 nights will receive a €10 voucher that can be used to buy goods and services at participating outlets in Malta and Gozo. The vouchers will be available to students for a maximum of 30 days.

The vouchers will be distributed by IELS, our exclusive partner in Malta and licensed English language school, to our students on arrival. The scheme will commence from June 1st, and will be open until the budgeted funds have been fully allocated.

As the Verbalists Language Network recently reported, Malta’s ELT schools will reopen for face-to-face lessons from June 1st. Malta’s language school association FELTOM said that member schools have more than 10,700 bookings for the second and third quarters of 2021.

Under current travel rules, Malta is one of the more accessible ELT destinations. Most European and Asian markets are on Malta’s ‘amber’ list, which means no quarantine period is required.

Click on the links to read more about the voucher scheme for ELT students in Malta the latest entry rules.

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