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German Language for Kids - Summer Camp in the Beautiful Alps near Munich, Munich Young and Fun, Verbalists

Experience a fun-filled German language Summer Camp: Munich Young & Fun (Ages 7-14)

Munich Young & Fun is an exciting summer camp designed for children aged 7-14, offering a unique blend of German language classes, fun activities, and excursions that help kids naturally enhance their German language skills.

You are safe and secure with Verbalists

With international accreditation from the Verbalists Education & Language Network, you can rest assured that everything is well-tested and safe. Our longstanding partners are among the world’s top language schools, known for their excellent reputation and multiple awards. All programs comply with the regulations set by the Ministries of Education and Health, with special attention to participant safety. Additionally, we offer a risk-free enrollment policy:

Verbalists language network students in Joseftal, a traditional Bavarian village located just 50 km south of Munich
Verbalists language network students in Joseftal, a traditional Bavarian village located just 50 km south of Munich in a peaceful and idyllic Alpine setting (click on the photo for an enlarged view)

For the youngest members of the language network, we choose programs conducted by internationally accredited foreign language schools with outstanding quality, which Verbalists continually monitor and supervise.

✅ RISK-FREE ENROLLMENT – Participants can cancel or postpone their program without incurring standard fees up to 4 weeks before it begins. This allows you to secure your spot with no worries and take advantage of our language network’s great promotions.


Munich Young & Fun - The peaceful and safe location of the German language summer camp
Munich Young & Fun – The peaceful and safe location of the German Language Summer Camp is ideal for the stay of the youngest participants.

GLS (German Language School), known as the best in Germany and represented in Southeast Europe by the Verbalists Language Network, organizes the Munich Young & Fun summer camp. With over 40 years of experience, the school has received numerous awards and recognitions. Language Travel Magazine named it the best school in Germany three times – in 2008, 2010, and 2012. It has been accredited by the Berlin Senate, the Swedish Ministry of Education, and international associations such as ALTO, EAQUALS, and IALC.

GLS is the only language school in Germany with a prestigious 9,000 square-meter campus, which includes luxurious accommodation, classrooms, a restaurant, and a luxury hotel.

For this program, the school utilizes the learning center in the village of Josefstal.

The youngest participants of the Verbalisti language network, Munich Young & Fun
The youngest participants of the Verbalists Language Network – Munich Young & Fun.


After taking a placement test, participants are grouped into international classes with a maximum of 12 students. Groups are formed based on language proficiency and age, with options from beginners to advanced levels. With expert teachers using age-appropriate teaching methods, every participant will have the opportunity to make significant progress. 20 hours of instruction are provided weekly in the mornings, leaving the rest of the day for activities and excursions.

Group Leader and Supervision

During their stay at the camp, children are under the 24/7 supervision of experienced and skilled staff from the GLS Language School.

✅ One noteworthy aspect is that camp participants come from over 40 countries, and they get to interact with local German children who are also vacationing with their families. This presents a valuable opportunity for communication with native German speakers.


A diverse range of activities provides entertainment and encourages conversation among participants and local German children. Afternoons are filled with badminton, volleyball, arts and crafts, and sports competitions, while evenings are dedicated to barbecues, campfires, video projections, game nights, or disco evenings.

Swimming in the nearby Schliersee Lake, Verbalists
Swimming in the nearby Schliersee Lake (click on the photo for an enlarged view)

Furthermore, there are one half-day and one full-day excursion each week, offering a great chance to visit nearby Schliersee Lake and get acquainted with Munich. As the capital of Bavaria, Munich is known for its rich German history, tradition, and culture.

Throughout all activities and excursions, children are supervised by the GLS school staff.


A picture of beautiful Bavaria taken during an excursion, Munich Young & Fun Program, Verbalists

Joseftal Village is a traditional Bavarian village located just 50 km south of Munich, in a peaceful and idyllic Alpine setting. German children who spend part of their summer vacation socialize with GLS students in the camp, offering an excellent opportunity for our youngest Verbalists to meet native speakers and communicate with them.

The learning center offers a variety of amenities such as a fireplace, table tennis and billiards room, volleyball court, barbecue area, and TV viewing rooms, ensuring that participants have a great time.

Children stay in triple and quadruple rooms with shared bathrooms. All three daily meals are served in the camp’s restaurant.

‼️ The camp has a capacity of only 70 beds, so early enrollment is recommended.

Program Pricing and Dates

The camp runs from June 30 to August 4, with arrivals and departures on Sundays during this period.

⚠️ There is an option to learn English during the camp, with this program running from July 21 to August 4 at the same prices shown in the table below.

2024 Prices for German Language Summer Camp

MUNICH YOUNG & FUN (Ages 7 to 14)

per week
2 weeks3 weeks4 weeks
Full board
Triple and quadruple rooms,
Shared bathroom
Additional night/day 110 €. All prices are in euros.

The price includes:

20 German language lessons per week, full board meals, accommodation in triple or quadruple rooms with shared bathrooms, 2 daily activities, 2 weekly excursions, 24-hour supervision by professional staff, document processing by the school (€30), and travel insurance (medical, liability, luggage).

Our students - Summer German Language School, Munich Young & Fun, Verbalists

Not included in the price:

Registration fees of €50, airfare and related taxes, as well as airport transfers (€120 each way, only available on Sundays between 8:00 and 22:00). Contact us for the price of private transfers out of schedule (Sundays 8:00-22:00).

The Unaccompanied Minor (UM) service: For children aged up to 12 years, most airlines require the mandatory Unaccompanied Minor Service, while children aged 13 and 14 can travel alone or have an escort during their stay at the airport (according to parental preference). This service differs from airport transfers (transport between the airport and accommodation) and involves airport staff and GLS school representatives taking responsibility for your child at the airport. Airlines usually charge from €45 to €50 per flight, and GLS school charges €100, so you should budget about €190 for UM service if your child is under 13 years old at the time of departure.

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Accredited program supported by the accredited Verbalists Education & Language Network.

PRODIREKT and its Verbalists Language Network are accredited by the leading language travel and higher education associations – English UK, Alphe UK, FEDELE Spain, FELTOM Malta, ICEF Germany, and many more. You will find more information about our international accreditation here.

Application Process

Please note that filling out the PRODIREKT Application Form and Terms & Conditions does not secure a place on the program, nor does it mean you are under obligation that your child attends the course you are inquiring about. It is simply the first step in the application process, so that we can give you precise program details and check program/accommodation availability. A contract is signed directly with the school, and a place is confirmed after a deposit or the whole course fee is settled. Please fill out and sign:

The Verbalists Language Network is part of the PRODIREKT Education Group, which is a certified representative and partner of prestigious schools and colleges in world renowned university centers.  

  When you enroll for foreign language study abroad with the Verbalists you are not only getting the expert advice, guidance and dependability of an accredited organization and a world-leading language network, but you also enjoy special privileges, such as:

  • Expert and impartial advice, backed by 25+ years of experience
  • scholarships offered only to PRODIREKT/Verbalists students and our International Ambassadors;
  • special discounts – you often pay less than what a school charges for the same program;
  • enrollment advantages – faster processing, lower or no deposits, no charge when you change your booking;
  • priority in reserving your residential or homestay accommodation;
  • less strict cancellation policy;
  • free visa application assistance;
  • travel and airport transfer arrangements;
  • in case of many young learner programs and summer schools, guidance and care of our staff and experienced group leaders during the duration of a program.
  • From trips and visits to the famous fairytale castle Neuschwanstein near Munich, Verbalists
  • Verbalists at the Munich Young & Fun camp
  • Verbalists surfer
  • Excursion to Munich, Verbalists
  • Verbalists young learner at the famous Marienplatz Square.
  • During the class, Munich Young & Fun
  • Tennis as sports activity - Munich Young and Fun
  • Football as sports activity - Munich Young and Fun
  • From the Olympic Tower in Munich, Verbalists
  • Verbalists after the football match
  • Verbalists - Munich Young & Fun
  • Munich Young & Fun, Verbalists

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