Best German summer course for young learners, active BERLIN-Berlin College

Learn German in Berlin with Verbalists Language Network

Go explore! active BERLIN  – German Summer Course

The Verbalists Language Network brings you Berlin College Program in partnership with GLS, the leading German language school, which was awarded by Study Travel Magazine five times the “best German language school in Germany” award. The program is designed for 16-18 old students who want to combine German courses with lots of fun activities in Berlin.


Action-packed German language summer camp, Berlin Water Sports

Action-packed German language summer camp, Berlin Water Sports, Verbalists students

Discover Berlin and make the most of your summer with a German language summer camp by the lake!

The Verbalists Language Network is famous for its young learner programs, which are designed and coordinated with the world’s best language schools in such a way as to extend language learning beyond a classroom setting.

The Berlin Water Sports program is action packed and designed for 12-16 year old students. It provides young learners with an opportunity to practice German during a great variety of outdoor and indoor activities – sailing, canoeing, surfing, barbecuing, biking, climbing walls, playing sports… That’s not all! In the camp, our students will meet German teenagers who often participate in the activities, so there will also be lots of opportunities to speak German in informal settings with native speakers of the same age group. And Berlin is not far away, so every week there are 2 excursions to Berlin.