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Summer School – academic OXFORD Program (ages 16-17): Join the elite at Wadham College!

Our exclusive partnership with Dukes Education enables us to offer English learning programs hosted at the UKs most acclaimed school locations and supported by inspirational teachers. One of those exceptional programs is delivered at famous Wadham College.

Since 2008, Verbalists Education & Language Network has united students from across the world through education. We are bringing to our young learners award-winning summer courses that unlock their potential and set a foundation for future success – Eton College, Magdalene College, King’s College, UCLA, Yale…are all part of our programs portfolio.


PRODIREKT Group and the Verbalists Education & Language Network are thrilled to announce that we have agreed a big promotion with Dukes Education, which is exclusive to our students coming from emerging markets. ‼️ The promotion is valid for bookings received by 30 April 2023. We invite parents and students to take advantage of this unique opportunity and join us at Wadham College this summer!


Dukes Education is home to some of the UK’s finest independent nurseries, schools, and colleges, as well as summer schools, day camps, and consultancy services, brought together by a common purpose: to give children the foundations for an extraordinary life, through education.

Summer Boarding Courses at Eton College, Verbalists

While Dukes’ schools have different characters, they’re all examples of outstanding quality in their fields. Cardiff Sixth Form College is unmatched in the world for A-level results; Hampstead Fine Arts College is widely considered as London’s leading Art school, while Rochester Independent College was ranked in the Top 2% in England.

Summer Boarding Courses (SBC) is part of Dukes Education, and was founded in 2009. SBC is the first, and currently only, summer school provider in the UK to have achieved a perfect 15 Areas of Strength in a British Council inspection. The inspections cover a wide range of areas including Care of Students, Safeguarding Under 18s, Teaching, Course Design, and Leisure Opportunities.

The EL Gazette publishes a league table based on these results, and SBC has been ranked Number 1 in 2018, 2019, and 2020.

We are very proud of our exclusive partnership with Dukes Education, which is testament to our high reputation and service quality.

Verbalists student at Wadham College Summer School

Wadham College

Wadham College in Oxford is a beautiful and historic location that offers an exceptional setting for an English Summer School.

Wadham College was founded in 1610 and is one of the largest colleges of the University of Oxford. It is located in the heart of Oxford, just a short walk from many of the city’s most famous landmarks and attractions.

Wadham College, Verbalists Education

This college offers excellent facilities and resources to ensure students have an enjoyable and comfortable stay. From the college’s world-class library to the beautiful gardens and accommodation, students will experience the very best of Oxford life.

In addition to its beautiful surroundings, Wadham College is known for its outstanding academic reputation. Wadham’s notable alumni span centuries as well as disciplines. From founders of the Royal Society to Nobel prize winners and Oscar nominated actors, Wadhamites can be identified as influential figures in the medical, finance, tech, legal, arts sectors, and beyond.

While attending SBC’s Summer School at this truly exceptional location, our students will discover the wonders of the English language and the magic of Oxford’s academic and cultural scene.

English learning Summer School at Oxford, Verbalists Education & Language Network


for students 16-17 years old

Academic Approach

At SBC, they go above and beyond the curriculum because they think that learning comes from doing, so our students are challenged to use and demonstrate new abilities in a friendly and encouraging setting.

Academic Approach - Summer School at Wadham College, Oxford

By combining the university learning format of lectures and workshops, students have the chance to engage with theoretical principles as well as to develop the soft skills required outside of the classroom. SBC puts theory into practice by facilitating new opportunities to inherit key skills such as critical thinking, leadership, communication and teamwork – mirroring what is practiced every day in a professional work setting.

Each student is actively encouraged to take the initiative, think critically, and cooperate with others to solve problems in the classroom under the direction of Dukes’ amazing teachers.

At the end of the course a certificate is presented to each student along with a progress report.

Time to Shine

Every week when the entire school gathers, each student is given the motivating challenge of participating in a group presentation called Time to Shine.

Making presentations, English Academic Programs, Verbalists

One of the main reasons why this program is of such high quality is that SBC does not quantify achievement through grades and exams but provide students with a group challenge in which they can research a topic, find solutions to real problems and get to showcase their findings to a real audience in a nurturing and encouraging environment.

Time to Shine projects provide students with an opportunity to step out of their comfort zones by providing them with the chance to practice their public speaking skills in front of a larger audience. Students receive recognition and applause from their peers, which helps build confidence in tackling even greater challenges ahead.


SBC Summer School - International Relations Course, Verbalists
INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: Gain first-hand authentic insight from leaders in the field of International Relations, through a morning with a diplomat and a visit to a world-leading university department.

Interested in a career in politics, journalism, or diplomacy?

If you have ever wanted to deepen your knowledge on global issues that form today’s political and humanitarian environment, then International Relations is the course for you.

Throughout the program, you will analyze the international landscape by studying real-life political models and contemporary global issues, as well as testing yourself with a range of interactive and challenging role-play scenarios. This course will enhance your skills in presenting, negotiation, and diplomacy, which makes International Relations the perfect platform to bolster future study in politics, journalism, and diplomacy.


Take the first step towards a career in Medicine at the UK’s #1 summer school.

During our Medicine course, students develop practical skills and medical knowledge, as well as become a qualified first-aider by the end of the course.

Besides medical theory and practice, we also look at the role of medicine in a wider context to develop students’ critical thinking skills and understanding of important issues in public health.


Take the next steps on your journey to launching a rewarding career in Law.

SBC’s Law course, designed for the lawyers, barristers, and solicitors of the future, will help deepen your understanding of important legal concepts and improve your capacity to formulate legal arguments.

Through the industry workshop program, students will have the unique opportunity to gain first hand insight into the English judicial system. As part of their immersive Time to Shine group assignments, students will also have the opportunity to present their exciting research projects to their peers.


Business has been designed for the entrepreneurs and industry leaders of the future.

You will develop both practical and 21st century skills while acquiring knowledge of the latest trends and practices in business.

Subjects include budgeting and finance, marketing, sustainability and growth, as well as the communication skills necessary for success in business.

In this course, students will discover what being a business leader of tomorrow truly entails through a series of dynamic lesson types, such as seminars and lectures.


The Mathematics course is designed for students wishing to experience what it is like to study Mathematics at undergraduate level.

We will inspire and challenge the mathematicians of the future through exploring the world of pure and applied mathematics, as well as more advanced subjects including Graph Theory, Algorithms, and Fibonacci sequences.

The program has a practical foundation with project work and communicative tasks, making the course challenging yet lively and interactive.


Are you looking to build a bright future in Engineering?

Students who want to strengthen their grasp of thermodynamics, mechanical engineering, fluid dynamics, and aerodynamics, through university-style seminars, lectures, and workshops can enroll on this exciting Engineering Oxford summer school program.

With Engineering being pivotal to addressing critical issues in today’s world, such as water and air pollution, it’s crucial that the engineers of tomorrow learn how to work together.

Through the exciting Time to Shine research projects our partner SBC is delighted to offer a program that not only helps aspiring engineers build their theoretical knowledge, but also provides students with challenging opportunities to learn how to function as part of a successful team.


Prepare for your future by developing your understanding of the political and economic landscape of the contemporary world. SBC’s Politics & Economics course at Oxford will broaden your knowledge of key concepts and evaluate the ideologies and values at the heart of different political systems, helping you to gain an understanding of international geopolitical trends.

Discover your future path to a career in politics and economics this summer at Oxford.

Verbalists students in Oxford

Activities & Excursions


Verbalists on the Oxford sightseeing, SBC Summer School

With SBC Summer School at Wadham College our student experience goes beyond the classroom, with a social program led by the dynamic team.

Each evening SBC teams hold well-being activities and events designed to build confidence and help students make connections. They’ll develop key team-working and communication skills whilst, most importantly, having fun! This part of the experience ensures students socialize with peers outside of their subject groups and builds a sense of community within the college.

Alongside a wide range of traditional team sports, students can choose to participate in other wellbeing and fun activities such as yoga, art, poetry and creative sessions. The social program is led by the College Mentors with students at the very heart of it.

Excursions, Summer School in Oxford, Verbalists

Verbalists students will experience Oxford as it is truly meant to be seen. The social program explores much of what the historic city offers, including informative walking tours, stunning walks around Christchurch meadow and traditional punts along the river.

To encourage students to develop their independence, they are provided with free time in small groups to explore their new surroundings, making the cobbled streets of Oxford their own. They can visit the Botanic Gardens, meander through Christchurch College and take in the stunning Magdalen College School rose gardens.


Summer Boarding Courses - Excursion, Verbalists Education
academic OXFORD Program – Activities and excursions will help form bonds, build confidence and shape memories that will last a lifetime.

Throughout a two-week program at Oxford College Summer School students have two day trips to look forward to, including a landmark-filled trip to London, followed by an enjoyable day out around Oxford.

SBC’s dedicated social program team design memorable visits to London for all of our students. In previous years itineraries have included Kew gardens, London sightseeing and visiting the museums of Greenwich and Knightsbridge. Every London itinerary comes with free time to explore and browse the stores of some of Britain’s most loved brands.


Summer School at Wadham College - Graduation Ceremony, Verbalists Education and Language Network

Verbalists Language Network’s students’ achievements are celebrated in style with a formal graduation ceremony and disco at a prestigious location. At the end of each two-week course, the graduation ceremony offers moments of reflection and an opportunity to recognize achievements, both personal and academic, alongside new friends.

A graduation certificate will be presented to our students during the special ceremony. SBC will also provide a report outlining all accomplishments while studying with them, along with helpful tips to guide learners in the right direction towards future success.


Wadham College accommodation

At Wadham College students will find spacious single-room accommodation built in the traditional Oxford format of ‘staircases’. Our students will find the college a comfortable place to live and study.

With easy access to Oxford city center and close to University Parks, students will be fully immersed in the distinct Oxford atmosphere at Wadham College.

Prices & Dates


PRODIREKT Group and the Verbalists Education & Language Network are thrilled to announce that we have agreed a big promotion with Dukes Education, which is exclusive to our students coming from emerging markets. ‼️ The promotion is valid for bookings received by 30 April 2023. We invite parents and students to take advantage of this unique opportunity and join us at Wadham College this summer!

Price: £5,995

Verbalists students pay £4,995

Ages: 16-17

Course Length: 2 Weeks

English Level: Intermediate (B1) or above

Start Dates: 2nd, 16th & 30th July 2023

What’s included:

  • 25 hours of academic content per week
  • Dynamic, week-long collaborative projects
  • 2 x Inspiring lectures by Guest Speakers
  • Authentic Industry experience visits
  • Accommodation and all meals
  • Social program
  • Excursions
  • End of course report and certificate
  • Travel insurance

What is not included in the price:

  • registration fee ₤50
  • airfare
  • return airport transfer

Application Process

Please note that filling out the PRODIREKT Application Form and Terms & Conditions does not secure a place on the program, nor does it mean you are under obligation that your child attends the course you are inquiring about. It is simply the first step in the application process, so that we can give you precise program details and check program/accommodation availability. A contract is signed directly with the school, and a place is confirmed after a deposit or the whole course fee is settled. Please fill out and sign:

The Verbalists Language Network is part of the PRODIREKT Education Group, which is a certified representative and partner of prestigious schools and colleges in world renowned university centers.  

  When you enroll for foreign language study abroad with the Verbalists you are not only getting the expert advice, guidance and dependability of an accredited organization and a world-leading language network, but you also enjoy special privileges, such as:

  • Expert and impartial advice, backed by 25+ years of experience
  • scholarships offered only to PRODIREKT/Verbalists students and our International Ambassadors;
  • special discounts – you often pay less than what a school charges for the same program;
  • enrollment advantages – faster processing, lower or no deposits, no charge when you change your booking;
  • priority in reserving your residential or homestay accommodation;
  • less strict cancellation policy;
  • free visa application assistance;
  • travel and airport transfer arrangements;
  • in case of many young learner programs and summer schools, guidance and care of our staff and experienced group leaders during the duration of a program.
High quality adult language courses abroad

Accredited programs supported by the accredited Verbalists Education & Language Network.

Verbalists Education is a world’s leading language network, accredited by the most important independent accreditation bodies in student recruiting, language teaching and learning. See more about our international accreditation and certifications here.

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