Why is there an ‘r’ in Mrs.?

Why there is an „r“ in Mrs, VerbalistsThere are a couple of odd things about the title Mrs. First, the word it stands for, missus, looks strange written out that way in full. In fact, except in the jokey context of “the missus,” meaning the wife, you almost never see it written out. “Missus Claus” looks far more awkward than “Mister Rogers.” Second, the abbreviation has an ‘r’ in it, and the word doesn’t. Why is there an ‘r’ in Mrs.?  READ MORE

What are the weirdest languages of the real and fictional worlds?

Let’s zoom on the weirdest or most extraordinary languages of the real and fictional worlds. Discover the complexity of Yupik languages, the particularities of Caucasian Archi, spoken by only a thousand people, or dip into fantasy worlds through the Sindarin used by Elves or the Aklo of Lovecraft creatures.

A great way to travel from the upper to the lower worlds, via the two hemispheres of the real world! READ MORE

Word of the Year 2014 – heart-shaped emoji

The Heart ♥ Emoji (for love) is top word, Pope Francis topped by Ebola as top name, “Hands Up, No Shoot” is top phrase

Heart-shaped emoji named ‘word of the year’

For the first time ever the most used word of the year is actually not a word – it’s a graphic symbol. The heart-shaped emoji topped an annual survey by the Global Language Monitor, having appeared billions of times a day around the world. READ MORE

The contentious sexually-charged video turned into an English lesson

Weird Al Yankovic parody of Robin Thicke’s raunchy Blurred Lines teaches proper English

“Weird Al” Yankovic parody of Robin Thicke’s raunchy Blurred Lines teaches proper English.

Weird Al Yankovic - Word CrimesThe satirist’s latest release ‘Word Crimes’ is a spoof on Al’s pet peeve – poor grammar. Yankovic says he chose a theme which was deliberately contrary to the contentious sexually-charged video which accompanies Robin Thicke’s 2013 single ‘Blurred Lines’.

What could be more surprising than an English lesson? READ MORE