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Manchester City Football Academy, Verbalists

Learn English playing beautiful football – MANCHESTER CITY Football Academy

The City football schools’ program is unique as it combines on and off-field learning, in an authentic setting – the state-of-the-art training Academy where Man City’s first team also practices. As a feature of the course, you will not only get an exclusive insight into how Manchester City players train at the City Football Academy and how a Premier League club runs, but you will also interact with other players from different cultures across the world.

Groups are formed according to the level of English and football skills, so everyone can join, as people from all over the world attend this program – show off your skills and learn from others during the course.

English language learning and soccer playing with Manchester City

Manchester City Football Academy – Quality on and off the field

The Life Changing Learning aspect means that the teaching doesn’t take place in one location; it takes place in classrooms, on the pitch, in the media center… the list goes on.

Dedicated young learners team on-site
Dedicated young learners team on-site

The students learn by being shown and experiencing themselves what a successful player’s career development consists of. During the course there are various extracurricular activities, such as excursions, visits to the National Museum of Football and of course, a guided tour of the Etihad stadium! Upon finishing the course, the young player will receive a certificate acknowledging his or her hard work and achievements on and off-pitch.

The coaches are fully qualified and experienced Man City trainers, and the teaching staff at the language workshops are certified CELTA professionals, who also have an avid passion for football, giving you an opportunity to discover your potential and find out “Who could you become?

Manchester City Academy - Mateu from Spain
Our student Mateu from Spain attended Manchester City Football and English Program. Read here about his experience with the school.

Accredited program supported by the accredited Verbalists Education & Language Network

The program is accredited by British Council as well as EAQUALS. The EAQUALS inspectors identified points of excellence in the following categories: teaching & learning, course design and supporting systems, academic resources, and client services. EAQUALS is an industry-trusted organization whose aim is to promote and guarantee high quality in language teaching and learning worldwide.

The Verbalists Education & Language Network is accredited by the world’s leading, independent accreditation bodies in student recruiting, language teaching and learning. See more about our international accreditation and certifications here.

Manchester City Football Academy is aimed at boys and girls aged 9-17

Program Options

  1. Football Performance Program, 14-17 years, one week (5 nights) (just football, no language learning component) – Through a series of training sessions, workshops and tests delivered by City Football coaches and specialists, you will develop all aspects of your individual game, focusing on Football Performance, Human Performance and Development of Talent. Note: Minimum level of English for Performance Program is B1/Intermediate.
  2. Football Development Program, 9-13 years, one week (5 nights) (just football, no language learning component) – The Manchester City Football School’s Development Program is an initiative for enthusiastic boys aged 9-13 who are at the start of their football journey, focusing on supporting the development of young players who are learning the fundamentals of the game. Note: Minimum level of English for Development program is B1/Intermediate.
  3. Football & English Program for boys, 14-17 years, two and three weeks (12 and 19 nights) – Through a combination of training sessions with Manchester City Football School’s coaches and language sessions with British Study Centres teachers, players will develop key communication skills in authentic football contexts at the City Football Academy.
  4. Football & English Program for juniors, 9-13 years, one week and two weeks (5 and 12 nights) – Participants can expect to improve their English proficiency by grasping football-specific vocabulary, discussing different professions within the sport and re-creating real-life football scenarios – such as commentating, match analysis, press conferences and more! At the same time, they’ll train like their favourite professional footballers at the prestigious Etihad Campus.
  5. Football Performance Program + English Program for juniors, 14-17 years, three weeks (19 nights) – You may want to combine Performance and English programs. In that case your City Football Academy will include:
    • Week 1 & 2: 15 hours Football English + 15 hours Football Training;
    • Week 3: 15 hours Football Training + 15 hours Football Workshops.
  6. Football Development Program + English Program for juniors, 9-13 years, two weeks (12 nights) – Younger players may like the following combination of football training and English learning:
    • Week 1: 15 sati Football English + 15 sati Football Training;
    • Week 2: 15 sati Football Training + 15 sati Football Workshops.

You can expect 15 hours of football training per week, in the mornings. The sessions cover individual skills development, as well as team play. You will go through performance tests, strength conditioning exercises, learning new tactics and much more.

Language lesson 2 - Press conference role play (click on image to enlarge)
Language lesson 2 – Press conference role play (click on image to enlarge)

To be able to play as a great team, communication is all, which is why the program also covers 15 hours of English language teaching per week. The topics covered are football related – exactly like those taught to the most successful football players in the world.

You will have match analysis workshops, nutrition and healthy eating sessions as well as press conference situations and role play, teaching you how to use language in the most effective way when under the spotlight – yes, these are all aspects of day to day lives of famous sportsmen.

All course material is included in the price and provided for on the first day of the program.

Every player needs to rest, and so the evenings are dedicated to developing new friendships, playing games and various other activities, organized by the school.

Meeting Vincent Kompany
Meeting Vincent Kompany

Excursions and social activities

There is no space for boredom, as activities are held every evening, and excursions every week-end. Some of the exciting things you will have the chance to participate in are film and quiz nights, barbecues, talent shows and many more. If that is not enough, there are excursions to some of the most popular tourist attractions – especially for football fans, as it includes a guided tour of the place where all the greats, such as Aguero or Kompany meet – the Etihad stadium.

There is also a visit to the National Museum of Football in Manchester,  to the mysterious York Dungeons in York, or even a day at the beach in Blackpool, the preferred holiday destinations of the Brits!

Football and English school Manchester City, example 2 week program, Verbalists


High quality, single en-suite rooms

You will be staying in a modern student hall residence – The Salford Residence, known as Peel Park Quarter, owned by the University of Salford. The single en-suite rooms are comfortable and in a safe environment. There are three hot meals a day (full-board), with the breakfast and dinner served in the student accommodation, and lunch served in the training facility.

Students have access to Wi-Fi, laundry facilities (staff can help with the use of washers/dryers, approximately £2 per machine), common room for games and hanging out, a 24/7 reception desk, and study desk in the room.

The Salford Residence is a 20 minute private coach ride from the training facilities. Transport is organized by the Academy every morning and afternoon, as well as for the week-end excursions.

Each working day begins and ends with Daily Team Talks at Connell college. Connell college is a modern facility where all the classes, language and media sessions are held. It is where the students have their lunch together. The College’s changing rooms conveniently lead directly onto the pitch – one of the main reasons why Man City’s youth players use them frequently during the whole year. The students have exclusive access to these changing rooms during the program.

Life changing learning on and off the field, Manchester City Football Language Academy, Verbalists

Program Fees & Dates

* Note: Minimum level of English for Development and Performance programs is B1/Intermediate

1. Football Performance Program, 14-17 years

Duration: 1 week (5 nights)
Age: 14-17
SPRING: 02 and 09 April
SUMMER: 02, 09, 16, 23 and 30 July; 06, and 13 August
Price: £1,840 (£1,785 + £55 Man City Registration)

2. Football Development Program, 9-13 years

Duration: 1 week (5 nights)
Age: 9-13
SPRING: 02 and 09 April
SUMMER: 02, 09, 16, 23 and 30 July; 06, and 13 August
Price: £1,840 (£1,785 + £55 Man City Registration)

3. Football & English Program for boys, 14-17 years

Duration: 2 weeks (12 nights)
Age: 14-17
Dates: 02, 16 and 30 July
Price: £3,625 (£3,570 + £55 Man City Registration)

4. Football & English Program for juniors, 9-13 years

Duration: 1 week (5 nights)
Age: 9-13
Dates: 02, 9, 16, 23 and 30 July; 06 and 13 August
Price: £1,600 (£1,550 + £50 Man City Registration)

Duration: 2 weeks (12 nights)
Age: 9-13
Dates: 02, 16 and 30 July
Price: £3,625 (£3,570 + £55 Man City Registration)

5. Football & English Program + Performance Program for boys, 14-17 years

Duration: 3 weeks (19 nights)
Age: 14-17
Dates: 02, 16 and 30 July
Price: £5,410 (£5,355 + £55 Man City Registration)

6. Football & English Program + Development Program for juniors, 9-13 years

Duration: 2 weeks (12 nights)
Age: 9-13
Dates: 02, 16 and 30 July
Price: £3,625 (£3,570 + £55 Man City Registration)

‼️ FOR ALL PROGRAM OPTIONS: Arrival on Sundays and departure days are Fridays.

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Each player is given two football training kits at the beginning of the program, one from the Man City Football Language school, and the other a Nike training kit. Both are for you to keep.

The course fee covers the following costs: the language and football classes and sessions, course material, certificates at the end of the course, full-board accommodation, travel between the accommodation and training facilities, 24 hour pastoral care, excursions and after school activities.

Not included in the price: Air fare and airport transfers (a return transfer (both ways) between Manchester Airport and the accommodation can be organized through the Verbalists Language Network or school at an additional cost of £110), travel insurance, and pocket money.

Damage deposit: Please note, a damage deposit of £60 will be required to cover any damage costs if necessary. This deposit should to be handed to staff in cash on arrival and will be returned to your child on their last day, providing no damage has been made to Manchester City Football School property.

Learn English while playing beautiful football, Verbalists

Additional Friday night or weekend accommodation: Players can stay at the residence on the final Friday night for £95 or £330 per person for extra weekend Friday night/Saturday night including full day excursion on Saturday.

Please ask us if you cannot find a suitable return flight on Saturday evening and will not be able to attend the excursion.

Pocket money: You may wish to provide your child with pocket money to spend on souvenirs etc. during excursions. Following the Etihad Stadium Tour, players will have opportunity to visit the CityStore, where there will be a wide range of official Manchester City merchandise available to purchase with an exclusive 10% discount available.

Excellent covered football facilities, Manchester City
Excellent covered football facilities

The Verbalists Language Network offers an Unaccompanied Minor service for children under the age of 18, where a member of British Study Centres/Man City staff will meet your child at the airport on arrival and wait at the airport until your child’s departing flight leaves the ground. If you would like us to provide this service for your child, please notify us.

If your child is under the age of 15, it may be a mandatory requirement for you to register your child as an Unaccompanied Minor. It is your responsibility to check this with the airline and pay any relevant costs to the airline as well as the £120 Unaccompanied Minor fee to Man City/British Study Centres.

This course is based on individual departures and does not include a group leader of the Verbalists Language Network, however the City Football school provides a 24-hour pastoral care from the moment the student arrives at the school, until they depart.

Application Process

Please fill out and sign:

Application Form (download here) and

Terms and Conditions (download here), and

send back to

Filling out the PRODIREKT Application Form and Terms & Conditions does not secure a place on the program, nor does it mean you are under obligation to attend the course you are inquiring about. It is simply the first step in the application process, so that we can give you precise program details and check availability on the desired course. A contract is signed directly with the school, and a place is confirmed after a deposit or the whole course fee is settled.

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City Football Academy – watch the last season’s highlights:

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