Easter in Italy and the meaning of the Italian word Pasqua

Happy Easter from the Verbalists Language Network

The Celebration of Pasqua in Italy

Festivities across Italy typically begin on Good Friday with church service attendance and continue through Easter Monday, or Pasquetta. A popular Italian proverb dictates, “Natale con I tuoi, e Pasqua con chi vuoi,” or, “Spend Christmas with your family, and Easter with whomever you like.” While many continue to spend Easter with their family, more and more extend the celebrations to friends.

Easter in Italy and the meaning of the Italian word Pasqua Education Beyond Borders Podcast

The most celebrated holiday in Italy (after Christmas, of course) is Pasqua, the Italian word for “Easter” whose etymological roots are found in the Greek Pascka and Hebrew Pasach, which mean “Passover.”  And while Pasqua is celebrated throughout Italy, each region, commune and village has its own traditions – deep and rich – to commemorate the death and resurrection of the Christ. 

Commemoration of Pasqua

In the Eternal City of Rome, just outside the Colosseum, many watch and participate as the Pope leads a procession through the 14 stages of the Passion on Good Friday, reading meditations along the way.

Imagine narrow, cobble-stoned streets filled with locals donned in period costumes, carrying life-sized replicas of the Madonna and the Christ.  See the tears, hear the shouts and sway to voices raised in song as you walk the reconstructed via Crucis.  Enter a home and inhale the smells of minestra maritata, roasted lamb and artichokes and eye the seductive dove-shaped Colomba di Pasqua.  Sit. Eat.  You are among friends and family.  Welcome to Easter in Italy.  This is Pasqua!

Colomba di Pasqua (“Easter Dove” in English) – Italian traditional Easter cake

Witnessing Pasqua in Italy through hearts and souls of Italians is a deeply moving experience that reminds us all of the grace we have while living la dolce vita. But can your life get even “sweeter”? We at the Verbalists Language Network think it can if we add to it some language travel excitement.

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