How to create effective student testimonials, our perspective

How to create effective student testimonials, Manchester City Football and English Academy, Verbalists

The Importance of Student Testimonials – An Agent’s Perspective

In this day and age selling has become quite an aggressive business – be it the selling of tangible products as well as the selling of services. Education, is by no means an exception to this rule. Nowadays we are living in a world which uses every possible medium to spread the world about whatever it is that Company X or Business Y has to offer. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that when it boils down to making a decision about their future, students all over the world need all the reassurance they can get.

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PRODIREKT to promote Masters and MBA student recruitment fairs

A US based education group and academic consultancy PRODIREKT, which also owns the Verbalists Language Network, has partnered with the leading education event organizer Advent Group to promote their Access MBA and Access Masters tours. Access MBA and Access Masters tours represent a series of events that take place in over 55 cities around the world. The tours bring together elite international business schools and high-caliber candidates. READ MORE

Prodirekt at the world’s biggest education event focusing on higher education


PRODIREKT and Verbalists Education at ICEF Berlin 2021

Once again, ICEF was very successful in bringing international educators, service providers, work & travel professionals, and the world’s best agents under the same roof, helping them to create strategic partnerships. In fact, the ICEF Berlin workshop, which was held from 3-6 November at the InterContinental Hotel, proved to be the best so far for Prodirekt and its Verbalists Education & Language Network. A total of 2,842 participants from 1,789 organizations, representing 111 countries across six continents, took part in ICEF Berlin 2018. READ MORE

Verbalists together with best Spanish schools in Spain at the FEDELE Tenerife event


FEDELE, which consists of seven associations and 96 Spanish language schools accredited by Instituto Cervantes, invited PRODIREKT and the Verbalists Language Network, as well as 26 other world leading language travel agents to Tenerife for an annual gathering. This year the event took place from September 30 to October 2 in the city of Tenerife, followed by 3-day long familiarization trips to the regions of Andalusia, Valencia and Madrid. READ MORE

Junior students have become an important growth segment in recent years, especially in Europe

The junior market – that is, students under the age of 18 – has been a growth segment in language travel in recent years. Demand is being driven by a greater emphasis on foreign language learning in markets abroad, and by an increasing interest on the part of parents in boosting their children’s language proficiency. However, the junior segment is also susceptible to economic conditions and other market disruptions and some destinations – notably Canada and the UK – saw a decline in junior numbers in 2015. Overall, the segment appears poised for further growth and development, and consumer demand is shifting to more specialized programs for youth, including courses focused on preparation for academic studies abroad. READ MORE

Verbalists Language Network in the video postcard from the world’s biggest education event, ICEF Berlin 2016



Berlin, Germany – 7 November 2016 – The Verbalists Language Network had one of the most successful education fair attendances this year in Berlin. Over the course of the three-day workshop, 1,583 organizations from 100 countries came together at ICEF Berlin to network, learn, and build meaningful connections through 27,267 onsite business meetings. Among the 2,444 participants 1,032 were education agents and 1,412 were educators, service providers, industry associations, or work and travel organizations.

The following ICEF video postcard features highlights from the world’s most important education workshop and the event feedback of Maja Merdovic, Education Program Manager with Verbalists, made by Schools & Agents. READ MORE