English language learning and the Manchester United Soccer Schools

Manchester United Soccer Schools’ English language curriculum is unique. Not only does our partner teach using a syllabus where sport is integrated with the English language teaching, but they also use the latest technology to keep our classes interactive, engaging and above all else fun!

Skola fudbala Manchester United i casovi engleskog, Verbalisti

The Verbalists Language Network recently spoke to David Pepper, Soccer Schools Head of Academic Studies, to find out more about the English language teaching on the Manchester United camps…

What’s a typical English language lesson like?

Cas engleskog u fudbalskom kampu, Verbalisti“Typically we make our English lessons as interactive and as entertaining as possible, in order to make children feel safe when they are in the classroom; we want all of our students to have the confidence to use their language skills!

We do this by developing a good rapport with the kids and by teaching them that it’s okay to make mistakes, because we learn from these mistakes. We also use football-themed examples, including ones from Manchester United’s first team, which keeps students interested and in turn makes them feel confident.”

Manchester United 2014 World Skills Challenge Finalists take to the pitch at Old Trafford!

World Skills Final competition

Last weekend saw 44 players from 26 different countries descend on Manchester. Competing at Old Trafford one of our talented players was crowned the winner of the World Skills Final 2014.

The weekend kicked off with a morning spent exploring Manchester United’s rich history with a Stadium and Museum tour, followed by lunch at the famous Red Café. In the afternoon, players followed in the footsteps of footballing legends like the great Sir Bobby Charlton and Ryan Giggs, by taking part in various football skills challenges at Manchester United’s original training ground, The Cliff. READ MORE

Soccer and Language School – Learn and Play with the Best, Manchester United

The language network Verbalists (Verbalisti) action packed summer camps give children the opportunity to experience what life is like as a young professional footballer whilst also improving their English skills. Enroll here

Soccer school Manchester United, Verbalists student with Nemanja Vidic
Our student with Nemanja Vidic during the training session

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