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Latest study abroad news for Finland, Netherlands and Germany Education Beyond Borders Podcast

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19-NOV-2022 | Study abroad news for Finland: Record number of international students gained residency

The new figures from the Finish immigration service have shown that Finland is seeing record numbers of international students move to that country. A new law that was implemented in May that would make it easier for students to apply for permanent residency may have already created results. The first-time residence permits issued to international students showed an increase of 54% in this year.

It was also reported that the visa processing times have not seen a “considerable impact” despite the amount of new applications, with an average of only 20 days for students to receive their first decision recorded compared to last year’s 18 days.

Finland wants to reach its goal of tripling its international student body by 2030, with the roadmap for immigration stating that 75% of all international graduates should be able to find employment and “stay in Finland”.

Study abroad news for Netherlands: International growth slows for first time

The number of international students at universities in the Netherlands increased by approximately 6,000 this academic year, which is the slowest level of growth for five years. However, the expectation is that student numbers will continue to increase in the years ahead.

Since 2017, the growth rate of international students has consistently reached over 12%, but this year’s numbers represent an increase of only 7%. This is also the first year that growth has slowed at all. This may be due to universities warning international students to avoid travelling to the country if they have not arranged accommodation. Netherland faces severe housing shortages, with some foreign students forced to live in hostels at the beginning of the current academic year.

The number of international students enrolled in bachelor’s courses increased by 11% compared to the previous academic year, while master’s programs saw only 500 new enrolments. Presently, there are about 85,000 foreign students studying in Netherlands and they make up a quarter of all students at the country’s universities.

Study abroad news for Germany: New record for international student numbers

Approximately 350,000 international higher education students studied in Germany during the previous academic year, which is an 8% increase from the previous year and a new record, according to figures released by DAAD.

China remains the leading student source country for Germany’s universities, accounting for 12% of international students, followed by students from India. Western European students mainly came from Austria, Italy and France.

During the last year’s winter semester, more international students took master’s courses at German universities than bachelor’s.


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